Honors Curriculum


In order for you to graduate from the Honors program, you must complete at least 16 hours of core courses, including at least one Honors Symposium. In special cases, the Honors Director may be able to substitute courses.

Area I  (1CR)
_____ IDH 2931 Honors Symposium *
 Area II (3 CR)
_____ ECO 2013  or
  EUH 1000  or
  BSC 2011
Area III (6 CR)
_____ Humanities II  and
_____ American National Government
Area IV (3 CR)
_____ ENC 1102 or
  Humanities III
Area V (3 CR)
_____ Major's Course by Contract ** or
_____ STA 2023

*The topic addressed in the Honors Symposium changes each semester and you may take symposium up to three times. Symposium addresses important and timely issues and offers you the opportunity to participate in lively discourse.

**Contractual course arrangements permit any course within your major to become an honors course by contract. You enroll in the regular class, but contract with the professor for special projects or studies which expand the course to an honors level. The object is to provide additional opportunities for you to interact with your professors.