Office 365 Account Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Office 365 Account two factor authentication (2FA)

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Updated: 6/9/2020

Step 1: Open a Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and navigate to

Select Sign in.

Welcome Screen

Step 2: Use your gulfcoast email to sign in.

Pick a profile

Step 3: Enter your password

Enter password

Step 4: Choose Next


Step 5: Fill in Information needed

Contact Information

Step 6: Enter the code sent to your phone.

Additional Security Verification

Office 365 view within browser: click on your initials and select “My Account”

My account highlighted
My account

Click on the Security and Privacy section on the left pane and then click on “Manage security & privacy” button to display options.

Security and Privacy

Click on Additional security verification to expand options available.

Additional Security verification

Click on the section where it reads: “to sign into some apps installed on your computer or smart phone, etc.”

Create and manage app passwords


Click on “Create” to generate your app verification password and type in a name for it.

Create app password
Initial app password

Yor app password

Finish by clicking “Close”. You can now sign-out and close of the web browser.