Office 365 for Home Use

Office 365 for Home Use

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Updated: 4/21/2020

Purpose: Provide instructions for the download of Office 2016 Pro for home use.

Logon to MyGCSC. Click the webmail Icon. When you attempt to logon you will be told click the link below to access Office 365 webmail.

Image of Beginning Screen

Logon using your Gulf Coast email address.

Image of Sign in Screen

Press Office 365 to gain access to the application download page.

Image of Office 365 Icon

Click Install Office 2016

Image of Office 365 icons

At this time a Setup popup will appear. Click Save File

Image of Pop Up

Image of Search Feature

Once downloaded you can run the setup file by clicking Run.

The installation will take up to an hour to complete depending on your PC. It is best practice to close all applications prior to starting the installation.

If you are asked to activate/authenticate your Office product, you will use your gulfcoast email address.