PaperCutMF for Kyocera MFD Instructions

PaperCutMF for Kyocera MFD instructions

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Updated: 4/21/2020

Signing In/Badge Authentication

  1. Sign in.
    1. You can enter your network credentials every time, or:
    2. Scan your ID / key card. You must associate it with your account the first time you scan.
      1. Scan your card.
      2. Enter your network credentials. Don’t include the domain (gc\x or
        Image of Card Swipe

        Image of
  2. After signing in, you will see this screen.
    1. Print release – this is not configured for faculty / staff using this menu.
    2. Device functions – takes you to a familiar interface for copying.
    3. Scan – Scan to Email using a simplified interface.
      Image of Screen

      Device Functions (Copy or reach original Kyocera Menu)

  3. If you select Device functions from the menu, you will be presented with the Copy dialog.
    1. If you press the Home button while on this screen, you will reach the normal Kyocera menu.
      Image of Home button
      3: Pressing the Home button for the Copy dialog
      Image of Function Screen
      3a: The "normal" Kyocera menu.

      Scan to My Email

  4. If you select Scan from the PaperCutMF menu, you will see a simplified Scan-to-Email dialog.
    Image of Scan
    Image of Scan to My Email
  5. Choose “Scan to My Email”, fill in the info / adjust settings on the next page, and choose “Start”.

    Signing Out

  6. When you are finished, be sure to use the “Log out” button on the top-right of the menus.
    6: The Authentication / Logout button.