How to Connect to the GCSC Wireless Network (MAC Hand Held Devices)

How to Connect to the GCSC Wireless Network (MAC Hand Held Devices)

Note for community members: These instructions assume that you have already filled out a Wireless Access Request form and had your picture ID checked by a member of the library staff. If you have not yet done this, please do so before proceeding any further. Your username and password will be emailed to the email address which you provide with your access request form. Wireless access points are currently located in the library, and the Student Union East cafeteria area.

If current student start here: This document demonstrates the use of iOS’s built-in wireless software with use of an IPad but all other Mac handheld device should follow the same principle. Your software may vary slightly in set-up. Your wireless card must support WPA encryption. 


Activate your wireless device.


Tap on the Settings App. The Settings icon looks like:

Settings Icon

Settings Icon

Once in the settings application, you will be at the General Settings screen as shown below.

Settings: General: Bluetooth On; Location Services On


Tap on the Wi-Fi category to get to the screen where you will connect to a wireless network as shown below.

Settings: Wi-Fi Networks; Wi-Fi On; Choose a Network gulfcoast

When you reach this screen, the device will start searching for Wi-Fi networks that are in range and that are broadcasting their names. As it discovers available networks it will list them under the Choose a Network... label. Please note that it may take some time for the any Mac device to see all of the available networks, so please be patient while it searches. You can tell that it is searching as there will be an animated symbol next to the Choose a Network... label while it is searching. If it does not find anything, it will pause for about a minute and then attempt to search again.

When you see the Wi-Fi network that you would like to connect to (gulfcoast), simply tap on it to attempt to join it. If it has a lock next to the name, then it will require you to enter a “WPA Personal” wireless encryption password (gcscgcsc) in order to connect to it as discussed in the next step.


Once you Tap on a network name, it will try to connect to it. If the network is not using encryption, then you can just skip to this step. If the network is using wireless encryption, though, you will be presented with a screen asking you to enter the wireless encryption password as shown below:

Enter the password for "gulfcoast"; Enter password; Password:

In the password field, enter the wireless encryption password that is required to join this network (gcscgcsc).


The iPad will now attempt to connect to the network, and when finished, will display the Wi-Fi settings screen again, but this time with the joined network listed and with a checkmark next to it as shown below.

Settings: Wi-Fi GCSC; Wi-Fi Networks: Wi-Fi On: gulfcoast Checked

The checkmark designates that your iPad is connected to the network. You can also see that your iPad is connected to a wireless network as in the upper left-hand corner you will see the word iPad with the Wi-Fi symbol (ipad ))) symbol) next to it.


Navigate to any page using your web browser.  The first time you do this, you will get a message asking for your user name and password.  Enter the username, (first part of your student email address), and password, (birthdate MMDDYY) and click the Log in button.  For Local patrons:  Use the username and password you received by email after submitting a wireless request.

Registered User. Username: , Password: , Login button; Logging in as a registered user indicates you have read and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy. For Students: Use the first part of your student email address, for the username; For first time Logon enter your birthdate for the password. MMDDYY. For Community Patrons: Use the username and password provided to you by email from the help desk; If you have not applied for a GCSC wireless account you can download and complete the Wireless Access Authorization Form to request free wireless access.

When your log in is accepted you will be redirected to the Wireless student portal page.  This page contains the GCSC acceptable use policy and a password reset tool.

STEP 7 :

Students are required to change their password on their first logon to the wireless system.  The password reset does not apply to local patrons.

Wireless Student Portal: All GCSC Student wireless accounts are created with a default password. Every Student is required to change their wireless account password upon firs logon to the GCSC wireless system. Click on the link below and follow the instructions to change your password. This link may also be used to reset a forgotten password. Password Reset Button, Click here to reset your password.


Please take a moment to read and accept the Wireless Acceptable use policy.

Wireless Acceptable Use Policy. For your protection, sites visited on GCSC's wireless network are being monitored. Continued usage of this system and your signature on this access request form constitutes awareness and acceptance of this fact. When using the wireless network, you agree to refrain from the following: Using the campus network resources for any illegal activity; Violating the conditions of those codes relating to student rights to privacy; using profanity, obscenity, or other offensive language; Deliberately displaying obscene pictures of text on the monitor or allowing such images or text to be printed on the institution's printer; Copying commercial software of other commercial materials (including music and movie files) protected by copyright law; Using the institution's network resources for financial gain; Engaging in activities designed to deliberately obstruct other's work, excessively using available network resources; Deliberately causing a machine to crash; Attempting to gain access to areas of any system for which authorized access has not been granted, i.e. “hacking"; Engaging in activities that give simulated sign-off messages, public announcements, or other fraudulent system resources; Engaging in activities that do not have academic merit, such as: storing files not related to academic activities, using peer-to-peer file sharing software and/or deliberately executing files that excessively utilize the system; Giving away your user ID and/or password for any reason under any circumstance; Fraudulently using someone else's ID or password; Having or attempting to change system control information, such as program status, protection codes, and accounting information; Sending others material and then requesting them to send additional messages to others, i.e. chain letters; Sending bulk 'spam' email or intentionally utilizing system resources to send such messages; Unauthorized installation of any drivers, software, or hardware on campus computers; Using the institution's network to launch denial-of-service attacks against any computer or network. Violation of these policies can add and will result in disciplinary action and/or prosecution. You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your user account. Gulf Coast State College and its employees disclaim any responsibility for anything that happens to your personal hardware and/or software while using our services. Accept Button

Once you click accept you will have wireless web access.

Please note, you should never share your username or password with anyone or allow anyone to use your connection.  You are responsible for anything done using your account. Applications  for may be obtained at the library circulation desk during normal business hours.  If you have any questions regarding the usage or setup of your account, please call 769-1551, extension 3303 between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.