CPT/PERT Proctor Request

PERT Off-Campus Proctor Request

If you are a current GCSC student who does not reside in either Bay, Gulf, or Franklin County but needs to take the PERT exam at an off-campus location, please use the Off-Campus Proctor Request Form below. When it asks for information concerning your Course or Instructor, please put "PERT" in the spaces on the form.

Off-Campus Proctored Exam Request Form

For questions or assistance about an Off-Campus Proctored Exam for the PERT, please contact Jan Volpi at or at 850-873-3594.

Who is An acceptable proctor for the PERT?

  • is not a relative, spouse/partner, friend, neighbor, coach, co-worker/business associate, direct supervisor, or resident in your household.
  • has a work email address that ends in .gov, .mil, .org, or .edu.
  • has access to a computer at the exam location and can proctor the student without any interruptions.
  • Examples of acceptable proctors include: a faculty member or an educational administrator at a regionally accredited college or university;  for students in the military: any commissioned or non-commissioned officer of higher rank than the student; an education services officer or testing personnel at a military education center; or professional testing centers (Note: The following resource may be useful in helping you locate a professional testing center: National College Testing Association.)

Exams must be proctored at the proctor’s work location and cannot be proctored at a private residence or business.


Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the GCSC Testing Center can arrange for a Remote PERT testing for all students who are quarantining or having to self-isolate due to COVID. Remote PERT testing is only reserved for those students who are in critical situations. The Testing Center will determine if a Remote PERT testing is truly warranted and if the student qualifies.

Students are encouraged to contact Jan Volpi at or at 850-769-1551, ext. 3594 to arrange for a Remote PERT testing.