Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions (FAQ) for registerblast

Below are some common frequently asked questions for scheduling your exam appointments in RegisterBlast. 

All Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University/Panama City  students must schedule an appointment in Register Blast at least 72 hours before their requested testing date(s) and time(s). Non-Gulf Coast State College  students who have requested proctoring services must also schedule appointments in Register Blast at least 72 hours before their requested testing date(s) and time(s).

  • How do I schedule an appointment in RegisterBlast?

    To schedule an appointment in RegisterBlast:

    1. Go to RegisterBlast

    2. Choose a testing location. You have the option of testing at the Gulf/Franklin Campus in Port St. Joe, FL or at the main campus in Panama City, FL. Select the testing option that best suits your needs.

    3. Choose an exam category. If you are a GCSC student, you will need to select "GCSC Online Learning Exam" and then select "Online Learning." If you are an FSU student, you will need to select "FSU" and then select "FSU Exam." If you are NOT a GCSC or FSU student, you will need to select the appropriate exam category and exam type that fits your needs.

    4. Choose a Date. A calendar will appear. Click on the date you would like to schedule your exam. Make sure that it is within your testing window for your exam and that it is 72 hours in advance of your desired date.

    5. Choose a Time. Select the time you would like to schedule your exam. Please make sure that your selected time is in accordance with the Testing Center Hours of Operation.

    6. Tell us about you. Provide the first name, last name, and a valid email address for the tester.

    7. Complete the Exam guideline acknowledgment. The Exam guideline acknowledgment must be read and and marked that you agree to the guidelines before you will be able to proceed to the check-out stage.

    8. Click Add to Cart.

    9. If your exam does not require a fee, click "Register." If your exam requires a fee. complete the "Billing and Information" fields and then click "Register."

    10. Congratulations, you have successfully scheduled your exam. Please check your email for a confirmation receipt. Save this email until after you have come in for the appointment.

  • What if I require Off-Campus proctoring?
    If you are a GCSC student who is needing to test at one of our satellite campuses or at a non-Gulf Coast State College location, then you will need to fill out an Off-Campus Proctor Request form. For more information about off-campus proctoring and to complete the off-campus proctor request form, please visit our Off-Campus Proctoring page. 
  • What if the date that I want to schedule my exam is not available?
    The date you want to schedule your exam may not be available. This is either due to the the 72-hour in advance policy for scheduling your exam in RegisterBlast or due to the Testing Center being closed on that date. If this happens, please schedule your exam for the next available date. Once you receive your confirmation email, respond to the Testing Center staff to confirm the availability of certain dates and to reschedule your testing appointment.
  • How do I schedule multiple exam appointments?

    All GCSC, FSU, and Non-GCSC students may schedule multiple exam appointments on the same day. To do that, after you have selected "Add to Cart" and have proceeded to the next page, you will need to select "Add Another Exam" next to the "Complete Registration" button.

    CLEP and PERT examinees may not schedule multiple examinations on the same day.

  • How do I reschedule my appointment?

    To reschedule your appointment in RegisterBlast:

    1. Go to RegisterBlast

    2. Click the My History tab at the top of the page.

    3. Enter the email address that was used to schedule your exam.

    4. Click the Continue button underneath the email field.

    5. In a few minutes, you should receive an email link which is valid for 90 minutes.

    6. Click the link from the email received and a new window will open with your registration history.

    7. Click the Reschedule link.

    8. A calendar will appear with the available dates for rescheduling purposes.

    9. Click the date and time that you would like to reschedule your exam for.

    10. After you have completed the steps above, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the new test date.

  • Are there any fees?
    All GCSC and FSU students No seating fee
    Non-GCSC students $20 non-refundable seating fee (plus a $3.25 online service fee) per exam
    PERT/College Placement Test $7.50 non-refundable fee (plus a $1.50 online service fee) for the exam
    CLEP For non-military CLEP testers, there is a non-refundable fee of $15.00 (plus a $3.50 online service fee) for the exam. For military CLEP testers, there is no fee. However, you must present your DANTES CLEP ticket and/or military ID prior to admission.
  • When can I begin scheduling my exam(s)?
    As soon as you know the dates that your proctored exam(s) will be made available, you can begin scheduling your testing appointments. Testing appointments can always be rescheduled as needed.
  • What if I am unable to take an exam within the exam's testing window?
    You must have your instructor's written permission sent to the Testing Center before taking an exam outside of an exam's testing window. We must receive an email confirmation from you instructor. Otherwise, we cannot allow you to test.