SGA Leadership Conference 2020

2020 sga leadership conference

Saturday, February 29th - advanced technology center

purpose and mission

The mission of the 2020 Leadership Conference is to bring people together to learn leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behavior, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility and inspire a commitment to excellence. Attendees will get a chance to learn more about new skills they can use in their personal and professional lives through keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. Join Frank Kitchen and many other inspiring speakers as they give you the tools and confidence to leap in leadership!

The purpose of the 2020 Leadership Conference is to develop the leadership potential of current and prospective students, provide a platform to elevate student voices, demonstrate the value of dialogue across difference, and to facilitate the building of inclusive communities. Our goal is for every student to walk away with a sense of self improvement and newfound leadership skills that they can use throughout their journey.

This event is hosted by the Gulf Coast State College Student Government Association.  Learn more about this group and how you can get involved in planning the next big thing on campus!

letter from sga president

Julia Merrill

Greetings Commodores!

It is with great joy that I would like to welcome you to the 6th Annual Leadership Conference here at Gulf Coast State College. There is so much knowledge to be gained at a conference, but I understand that finding the time to participate is difficult. That’s why I chose today; today we will leap into leadership. Due to leap year, we have one extra day this year to reach our goals.  Throughout this conference, I ask you to stay engaged, step out of your comfort zone, and start thinking about what you are leaping towards.  My personal respect and thanks goes out to all of you.

- Julia Merrill

keynote speaker - frank kitchen

Frank Kitchen
Frank Kitchen is a Fundraiser, Coach, and Keynote Speaker. For over 25 years, Organizations have invited him to teach their leaders, members, staff, students, and volunteers how to be the Positive Difference Makers and Life Changers needed in their communities, schools, and workplaces. His Keynote Speeches, Educational Workshops, and Training Programs have taught leaders and their teams how to dedicate their time, talents, teams and treasures to produce positive results for themselves and others by implementing his “Live F.R.E.S.H.” Leadership Methodology. A methodology he practices personally and professionally by raising millions of dollars annually for nonprofits as one of the first African American Fundraising Auctioneers in the world.


"I was most impressed with Frank Kitchen's ability to personally connect with our students. He took the time to talk with them after his sessions and really meet them on their level. I know that our students were encouraged and inspired by his "FRESH" takes on life and leadership." 

- The University of Toledo Leadership Conference Coordinator

"Frank was an absolute delight to work with! He was easy to work with and one of the nicest speakers our department has ever brought to campus. I was impressed by our conversations as he was always professional but also easy going and friendly. He is truly a good person and is in sync with his mantra of FRESH living! He is a family man, friend, and motivator!"

-Utah Valley University

For more information, Questions, or Suggestions, contact:

(850)769-1551 ext. 3868

Julia Merrill