Past SGA Leadership Conference

2018 SGA leadership conference


The 2018 SGA Leadership Conference was held Saturday, March 10th 2018.   With 73 attendees coming from Bay/Gulf/Franklin County High Schools, FSU, of course GCSC, and others, it was a smashing success!  

Stephanie Kindos, who was SGA president for the 1718 school year, had the vision of students walking away from the conference with a sense of self improvement and new found leadership skills that they would be able to share with the world.  "The skills we teach you today, will pave the way for you to lead a better tomorrow." - Stephanie Kindos.  

Del Suggs was the keynote speaker for this conference and as the highest-rated speaker in the "Campus Activities" magazine Artist Report Cards, and as voted the "Best Campus Speaker" by the school members of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, he did not fail to deliver.   According to results from the conference surveys put together by the Leadership Committee within SGA, "Inspirational, entertaining, enthusiastic, amazing," were just some of the words used to describe Del in the opening session.  One student went so far as to say, "If Del is at an event, I would attend!"

This event is annually hosted by the Gulf Coast State College Student Government Association.  Learn more about this group and how you can get involved in planning the next big thing on campus!


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