National Testing Center CLEP/DSST

GCSC-TAFB National Test Center

For DSST Exams, simply click on Register for a seat - no voucher required.

For CLEP and Pearson Vue, you will need to obtain a voucher through the provided links on the left.

Exams are computer-based and scores are available immediately upon completion except for College Composition and Speech.

All individuals testing on Tyndall AFB must have access to the base as GCSC will not sponsor individuals onto Tyndall AFB for the purpose of taking examinations.

Testers who wish to take the DSST Principles of Public Speaking exam must call 850-283-2323 and make an appointment. This is a two-part exam consisting of a multiple choice section and a speech component.

Note: Effective October 2013
All CLEP testers are now required to set up an account prior to testing at:

You will be required to enter your Ticket ID during registration. Testers are also required to bring a copy of their registration ticket on the day of the exam.

Identification Requirements

All testers are required to provide two forms of identification prior to testing. Acceptable forms of primary identification include:

  • Current passport with name, photograph and signature
  • Valid driver’s license with name, photograph and signature
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photograph and signature
  • Military ID
  • National ID with name, photograph and signature
  • A tribal ID card
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship

The secondary identification must contain either a photo or a signature. Acceptable forms of secondary identification include:

  • A current student ID
  • A military ID (Common Access Card)
  • An unused ID from the primary choices above



The fee for each exam is $80.  Exams are free to all eligible military personnel.  Exam fees must be paid by valid credit card.

Effective December 11, 2010
Dantes funded military candidates may not repeat a previously funded examination of the same title regardless of when it was taken. However, they may personally fund a retest after waiting the required period of time (90 days for DSST and 6 months for CLEP).


The GCSC-TAFB National Testing Center charges a non-refundable administration fee of $20, directly payable to the institution to those testers who do not qualify as “eligible DOD testers."  This is payable by credit card only—American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa.

Certain exams have an optional essay.  If your institution requires an optional essay, you must pay an additional $10 fee to your test center.


To schedule your test click: REGISTER FOR EXAM AT TYNDALL, or contact Gretta Preston at 850-913-2910 or 850-283-4332.