Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A series of general questions and answers regarding our classes and policies can be found on this page. Specific program questions and answers can be accessed through the list provided below. If you have a question that is not addressed please contact the program developer for that specific course.


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General Questions

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing Education is part of Gulf Coast State College in Florida. Our institution is committed to serving the residences of Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties. As the Workforce Development arm of the college, our team provides all types of adult education including academic, technical, trade and vocational programs.

Do I have to be a credit student to take Continuing Education classes?

Continuing Education courses do not offer college credit, but in some cases, students can earn continuing education units, certification, or proof of class completion to meet personal or professional requirements without being a college-enrolled student.

What is our mission?

The mission of GCSC Continuing Education is to stimulate economic development and enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders through professional training, personal enrichment and community education.

Do you offer more than Workforce Development type classes?

Yes, we offer so much more. While our mission is to stimulate economic development, we also work to enhance the lives of our area residences. An individual can discover their creative side, tune up their health and well-being, and enhance their lives through personal enrichment with classes from our Art, Culinary, Education Encore, Learn a Language, Lifetime Wellness, Photography and Photoshop offerings. Stay current with course offerings at Continuing Education Website.

What kind of online courses do you offer?

We have a variety of online certification, exam preparation, continuing education, personal and professional development courses. Specialized areas in which students can meet State pre-licensure requirements or earn industry certifications include insurance, safety, and real estate. Also available are courses in which you can earn approved continuing education units and for those who just want to sharpen their skills for personal and professional development, we have short term instructor led courses in which students can enroll in every six weeks. 

Do you have a Contractor licensing courses?

We currently do not have a Contractor licensing course. We offer online continuing education that meet the 14 hour Continuing Education state requirements for Construction Contractors.  College credit earned at Gulf Coast State College and other Post-secondary schools may qualify for some of the education required for qualifying. 

Is there funding available for your courses?

Third party funding opportunities may be available for certain courses and for particular individual circumstances. If you qualify for a particular program, Continuing Education will assist you in submitting information to access funding.  The department has collaborated with funding sources such as MyCAA, AF COOL, Vocational Rehabilitation, CareerSource and employers that offer opportunities for workforce training.

Do I have to buy the book from the GCSC Bookstore?

No, but you need to make sure you buy the book with the correct ISBN number. It would be challenging to be in the class with a different book from the instructor.

If I cannot make the class, can I get a refund?

Yes, if you cancel your registration FIVE (5) days before the class begins.

Our office would like to schedule a class together but the times advertised do not work for us. Can we schedule a class for just our team?

Yes, Continuing Education can create a contract class for your team with usually a minimum of 4-6 students, depending on the class.

If this is non-credit courses, how will I have proof I took courses at GCSC.

You can download a transcript of your classes you took using your student ID number. 

Does Continuing Education at GCSC waive tuition fees for state employees?

Tuition fees should be sought by the student’s individual state agency for educational funding. Continuing Education at GCSC is self-sustaining and does not have the availability of excess capital to waive tuition fees.