Mission and Goals

Radiography Program Mission and Goals


The Radiography Program is designed to provide the diagnostic imaging team with a student who, under the supervision of a Radiologist, investigates the function and structure of bodily organ systems, which helps in the diagnosis of disease and injury.

The student will develop technical skills through active participation in an organized sequence of classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences provided in the curriculum.

The student will learn to perform diagnostic imaging examinations with the skill and knowledge of total patient care appropriate to radiology and with consideration of radiobiological effects.

The highly developed technical abilities of the Radiographer will enable the health team to improve community health services. Instruction also prepares for continuing career development following completion of the A.S. Degree in Radiography.     


Goal #1: Students will be clinically competent.

  • Students will apply positioning skills.
  • Student will implement appropriate  exposure factors.
  • Students will utilize radiation protection.

Goal #2: Students will demonstrate communication skills.

  • Students will demonstrate oral communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills.

Goal #3: Students will develop critical thinking skills.

  • Students will modify standard procedures for non-routine patients.
  • Students will critique images to determine diagnostic quality.

Goal #4:  Students will model professionalism.

  • Students will demonstrate work ethics. 
  • Students will summarize the value of life-long learning.