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Start your journey to a new career with one of the top performing programs listed on the National Program Assessment Exam.

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Programs lead to either an Associate Degree in Surgical Services (AS1-HS) or an Associate Degree in Surgical First Assisting (SFA-AS). Once completed, the student can continue their education by obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (BAS).

These are limited access, selective admissions programs. Please select the application packet that meets your needs for more information on the program and the application process.

  • Traditional Surgical Technology (CST)- The program consists of concentrated courses in Surgical Technology for five semesters/ 18 months. Classes begin in May of each year with advancement into the core spring semester based on satisfactory completion of all the course and program entry requirements.  For those who need assistance with math or English, you may want to begin in January to complete prerequisites.
  • Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA) - This traditional dual enrollment program for students with no experience prepares you for a position and to sit for both the CST and CSFA national certification examinations.   The Program is a six semester/24 months.  Classes begin in May each year.  For those who need assistance with math or English, you may want to begin in January to complete prerequisites.
  • CST to CSFA (Certified Surgical First Assistant)- CST students join the class in the 2nd year with advanced placement and external credit to complete the core requirements to sit for the CSFA national certification examination.  The program can be completed as a college credit certificate (CCC) or an AS degree in Surgical First Assisting.  Most students complete the program within 9-15 months depending on full-time or part-time status.
  • CST or CST/CSFA (Certificate Program) to AS Degree - This involves taking general education classes to advance your Surgical Technology certificate or Surgical First Assistant to an Associate of Science Degree.  For more detailed information and a plan tailored to your specific needs, please contact Shannon Smith at (850) 873-3551, or email
  • RN Training Programs - Want to work in the O.R., but you have no experience?
    Take the initiative to train. O.R. Managers are looking for self-starters.  For current information, please call Shannon Smith at (850) 873-3551, or email .
    1. Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) - three classes over a minimum of two (2) terms [1 academic year].  (Entry requires a RN with a bachelors degree who is CNOR eligible submitting proof of CNOR prior to graduation; the APRN with no experience completes an additional course NSP2290 Perioperative Nursing.)

      NSP2090 RNFA Theory - 3 credits, online web-based, open-entry, open-exit course allows a student to work at their own pace and time. Apply for the class anytime during the year.

      NSP2090L RNFA LAB and Clinical - 3 credits, 3-4 days of hands-on training on site at the Panama City campus followed by clinical experiences at local healthcare facilities, with a surgeon sponsor. Web-based, online component allows a student to prepare for surgical procedures with confidence. 
    2. Perioperative Training for Registered Nurses (CNOR) program - two classes

      NSP 2290 Perioperative Nursing Theory Course or CNOR certification - offered as a web-based program. The student works at their own pace and gains the knowledge needed.  Apply to the program and register in the open entry/open exit classes. Training for Intraoperative Nursing requires technical knowledge of procedures, equipment, instruments, and supplies plus the assessment and planning skills to promote optimum patient care outcomes.

      NSP 2290L Perioperative Nursing Internship Course – This course is offered either as a Corequisite, or after taking the NSP2290 Theory Course.

    3. For Scrub Experience, the RN can take a clinical class offered that term.
  • Financial Aid Information - Follow instructions on how to apply for Financial Aid.