Part-time Faculty (Adjunct)

adjunct faculty 

Adjunct faculty are available to meet with students for at least 30 minutes each week. Please check your course syllabus for the location and time of your instructor’s office hours, as well as their preferred method of contact and typical response time.  Adjunct faculty can be reached at the email addresses below:

Contact information

  Ryan Anderson Education
  Dr. Susan Bowen Psychology
  Madelynn Eldridge Early Childhood Education
  Dr. John Erickson Psychology
  Marvel Estes Psychology
  Dr. Daniel Fisher Psychology
  Jonathan Hetzel History
  Mary Anne Janowski Early Childhood Education
  Dr. Dena Hurst Philosophy
  Cathy Kearns Social Work
  Amanda Manning Education
  Jordan Miles Psychology
  Jennifer Morgan History
  Dr. Steven Neely Political Science
  Lisa Nixon-Mabry Political Science
  Joseph Stewart Religion
  Dr. David Schjott Sociology
  Teresa Thurtle Political Science
  Tara VanNette Philosophy
  Timothy Wanamaker Political Science
  Dr. Bethany Young Psychology

Adjunct Offices -Social Sciences Building


850-769-1551, extension 2824

850-769-1551, extension 2891


850-769-1551, extension 2823


850-769-1551, extension 2832