Internship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Internships

Are internships paid or unpaid?
It depends on the employer and the resources they have available. If you think of an internship as an applied learning experience, the pay will become less of an issue. Most internships require only part-time hours and employers are usually very flexible about working around a student’s class hours.  However, the majority of internships in the Bay County area are paid an hourly wage.

Can I apply for an internship even if I don’t have any experience?
Yes, but some employers may require completed coursework or some prior experience in the degree field.

Do I have to enroll in a Co-op course for my internship?
No, Co-op is not a mandatory requirement. If you need elective academic credit you can earn up to six (6) credit hours for an internship lasting over multiple semesters, or you can intern for the work experience only, without having to enroll in a Co-op course.

Can I find my own internship?
Absolutely! You may have community contacts that can provide you with an internship opportunity. Be sure to meet with the Coordinator, Cooperative Education to get a copy of the LEARNING AGREEMENT. This form is our way of collecting data to keep track of students and work sites.

What if I can’t complete my internship or something changes?
Contact the Coordinator, Cooperative Education to discuss the situation and who will work with you to resolve any issues or transition you out of the internship.

What if I feel I’m not being treated well at my internship or I’m uncomfortable in the position?
Let the Coordinator, Cooperative Education know about your situation as soon as possible.