Student Assistant Information

Student Assistant Information

General Information about working on campus


  • What types of jobs are available?   Most positions are clerical and customer service oriented. There are several positions available that offer opportunities to tutor both college and elementary (K-5) level students. An attempt is made to match your major of study with a related department but it is not guaranteed.

  • On-campus work program open to any student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours

  • Flexible work hours up to a maximum of 20 hours per week

  • All positions are paid at current minimum wage rate one time each month
     FL minimum wage is:  $8.56 per hour

  • The Student Assistant/Work Study Application is available online:  Go to and click on the CAMPUS LIFE dropdown to STUDENT EMPLOYMENT. You'll access the Student Application via your Lighthouse login.

  • Qualifying students will be contacted by any student assistant department supervisor when he/she has a position available and wants to interview the student.

  • The department supervisor is responsible for the final hiring decision.


      The  student will receive an email via their GCSC email account with instructions to complete the"Student Employment Onboarding" process via Dynamic Forms (online). 
        This will be accessible via the student's Lighthouse login.