Events and Activities

The Diversity and Inclusion Valuing Engagement Project

An immersion project led by the GCSC Diversity and Inclusion Affairs Committee

The Committee invites students to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Valuing Engagement (DIVE) project that is designed to increase cultural competencies among select members of our student body.  The main objective of the initiative is to help prepare participants to succeed in both civic and professional endeavors in our diverse world. 

Participating students can benefit by:

  • Becoming more prepared professionally to work and address issues in a diverse society.
  • Building community networks that can develop into future opportunities.
  • Establish meaningful mentoring with faculty/staff.
  • Recognizing their participation as a leadership achievement on their resume.


Students will gain exposure to new experiences that can broaden their point of view.   The learning is active through meeting community members from diverse cultural, religious, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.  They will engage in discussions and research surrounding critical community issues, as well as present their own findings during a final presentation event.  


Student nominees must meet the following criteria:

Must have attended GCSC for more than one semester; must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.


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