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What are Reasonable Accommodations?

Reasonable accommodations are appropriate adjustments to programs, policies, and practices that make aspects of the College experience accessible and provide equal opportunities to Gulf Coast State College students with disabilities.  Equal opportunities means any student with disabilities can attain the same level of performance while enjoying equal benefits and privileges that are available to a similarly situated student without disabilities.

There is no cost involved in providing reasonable accommodations.  Examples of accommodations include auxiliary aids and services like sign language interpreters, note-taking support, text conversion to alternative accessible formats, etc. To determine reasonable accommodations, SAR may seek information from appropriate College personnel regarding essential standards for courses, programs, services, activities and facilities. The Coordinator makes the final determinations of reasonable accommodations in collaboration with the student and faculty as warranted. Reasonable accommodations are determined by examining:

  • Environmental barriers limiting curricular, facility or program access
  • Whether or not the access to the course, program, service, activity or facility is available without an accommodation
  • The range of possible accommodations that might remove the barriers
  • Whether or not essential elements of the course, program, service, activity or facility are altered by the accommodations

NOTE: Reasonable accommodations, disability information, or any information that can be related to an individuals disability is NOT on the student's academic record.  Any and all student disability and accommodation information is kept confidential.

Temporary Services

SAR offers temporary services for students who may have a short term disability such as a broken arm or recent surgery.  If you require assistance due to a temporary disability, please contact SAR and make an appointment to meet with a staff member.


Student Accessibility Resources
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