Alumni & Student Profiles

Alumni & Student Profiles

MEET Patrick, pre-pharmacy student

student Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson has known since a young age that he wanted to pursue a career where he could provide care to others. After hearing fellow church members discussing mission trips to other countries and the need for someone who specializes in medicine, he discovered his passion and started his current path of working towards a degree in pharmacy. He is a graduate of Rutherford High School and serves in the Army National Guard. Read more about Patrick…

“The best parts of going to Gulf Coast are the small class sizes and the willingness of instructors to help you in time of need. I’ve had countless helpful instructors at GCSC.”

Meet Trisha, Organizational management IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP STUDENT

student Trisha Coffey

Trisha Coffey claims that she didn’t find Gulf Coast, but that the College found her. While facing some difficult challenges in her life, she found herself looking for a fresh start and moved to Panama City. Ever since enrolling at the College she has been thriving! Currently, Coffey is serving as the President of the Enactus Team while working towards a bachelor’s degree in the Organizational Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Read more about Trisha…

“Education is a lifelong process and goes beyond four walls; GCSC provides real opportunities for personal development and success in a positive atmosphere.”

Meet Will, Physical Therapist Assistant student

Will Jackson

Originally from Jacksonville, AL and equipped with his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University, Will Jackson knew he wanted to pursue a career that promoted healthy living but didn’t have a clear path. He feels lucky to have found Gulf Coast State College, and after learning about GCSC’s Physical Therapist Assistant program, he knew it was the right fit. Read more about Will...

"I have felt so welcome and have meshed so well with my classmates. Gulf Coast is a highly rewarding place to be."


Although final exams might be stressful, GCSC is committed to providing the best student experience.

"Gulf Coast cares about you from start to finish."

Meet Tatyanna, Business Administration Student

Tatyanna Bell

Tatyanna Bell has always envisioned herself playing basketball for the Gulf Coast Commodores. She’s been passionate about the game since the age of six and recalls attending GCSC basketball camps growing up. All of her hard work and dedication paid off when she received a basketball scholarship and officially became a Lady Commodore. While on the team, she’s experienced the thrill of two back-to-back national titles! She’s recently been accepted to Bethune-Cookman University and plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Read more about Tatyanna...

"Gulf Coast has always been a piece of me. I used to come to the games all the time and I remember watching the team win the national championship in 2008 and 2010,” said Bell. “It’s a great place to get your start.”


GCSC student

Already on her way to earning her Associate in Science in Software & Database Development, Christine is also working as an intern at Jellyfish Health. In just four short months at Jellyfish, she has assisted with creating collateral materials that are helping win customers. This internship opportunity has allowed Christine to showcase her creativity and dedication, and she has now joined the Jellyfish team as a Junior UX Designer.

"The teachers at Gulf Coast are really dedicated to your education and future. That dedication provides an amazing support system for student growth and success. As long as you apply yourself, you'll find great mentors here at GCSC."


GCSC student

After getting a case of pneumonia while serving in the military, Alannah was intrigued to learn more about how the respiratory system works. Once she got out of the military, she chose to enroll in Gulf Coast's Respiratory Therapy program. She is learning the necessary skills she needs by practicing her craft in our state-of-the-art respiratory lab along with working with local professionals in local hospitals and doctors offices during clinical rotations. 

"The Respiratory Therapy Program offers a really supportive, hand-on learning environment. Ultimately, I want to become a Physician's Assistant and this program is giving me valuable work experience and a solid foundation to continue my education." 


Bryce, GCSC student

Initially thinking about a career in Human Resources, Bryce chose the entrepreneurial route and is now working toward his bachelor of science in organizational management in entrepreneurship to become a corporate entrepreneur. During his studies he has developed business concepts and pitched them to investors in a "shark tank" environment, which provided real-world experience and the opportunity to network with successful individuals in his career field.

"You get a lot of one-on-one experience because of the small class sizes, which is really helpful. And with the GCSC Foundation offering scholarships and the already affordable tuition, Gulf Coast is viable for anyone. The College has everything you need!"


Luis, GCSC student

After spending 10 years in marketing and advertising, Luis was looking for a career change. With a passion for learning and gaining knowledge, he chose to pursue a career in Cybersecurity due to the ever changing nature of the digital world. One of his fondest memories at Gulf Coast was being named to the elite Corps Tigris (Latin for Tiger Team), the first collegiate cybersecurity demonstration team that teaches individuals how to protect themselves against hackers.

"When you enjoy something you do, it's not really work and that's why I'm in the IT program at Gulf Coast. All of my professors are passionate about what they do and the program is affordable - I appreciate that."