Student Spotlight: Trisha Coffey

Student Spotlight: Trisha Coffey

student trisha coffeyTrisha Coffey claims that she didn’t find Gulf Coast, but that the College found her. While facing some difficult challenges in her life, she found herself looking for a fresh start. After a conversation with her aunt, who lives in Panama City, she decided to move to the area to concentrate on creating a new life for herself.

Coffey began by enrolling in the Organizational Management bachelor’s degree program with a specialization in entrepreneurship. “The program provides me with the skill set to share my unique story, from a destructive and troubled past to a bright and promising future, while preparing me to make a positive impact in society,” said Coffey. Eager to grow professionally and personally, she involves herself in as many opportunities as possible to enhance her networking and public speaking skills while also attending events such as Startup Weekend, athletic events and entrepreneurial workshops.

She serves as the President of GCSC’s Enactus Team, which provides opportunities to work on entrepreneurial projects such as helping victims of Hurricane Maria by creating donation sites for supplies and building solar generators. “Enactus allows me to fully invest in serving others by helping them find their passions,” said Coffey. “I am humbled and honored to play a vital role of support and encouragement.” Professors and staff have provided Coffey with valuable support to help her reach full potential as well as “challenge me to overcome my comfort zone and provide wisdom in my growth.”

After graduation, Coffey aspires to work as a school counselor to help guide students who may be facing struggles in their lives, and plans to earn her teaching certification through GCSC’s Education Preparation Institute (EPI). “Education is a lifelong process,” said Coffey. “Learning goes beyond four walls, and GCSC provides real opportunities for personal development and success in a positive atmosphere.”