Winter Enrichment Series

Gulf/Franklin Winter Enrichment Series

  • Thursdays, from February 1st through February 22nd
  • 10:00 am – 12:15 pm
  • Two classes, one hour each
  • Pricing:  $60 for the series

Period 1 (10:00 am – 11:00 am)

Chair Yoga  Register
Chair Yoga has all the health benefits of yoga while emphasizing safety. Postures are modified using a chair, either seated or for support in standing poses. The course is designed for those finding it difficult to sit on the floor. The course activity help anyone interested in improving his or her physical and mental we—being. Namaste.
CRN: 91268

Characters in History Revealed Register
This class is a respectful, but not always reverent, look at some historical people who have impacted history in some shape, form or fashion. We will probe into the lives of a few of the famous and not so famous who have shared the world stage for different reasons at different seasons. We will delve into the brilliant, the eccentric, the off beat and perhaps even a class member’s weird uncle! Soldiers, poets, seamstress, warriors, gunfighters and ne'er-do-wells are all included. Please pull up a chair and join us for a ride down memory lane. 
CRN: 91269

Explore Drawing Register
Come and explore drawing techniques with a different subject in each class. Learn how to draw by learning how to see things, step by step.  This project based course will challenge beginners and experts alike with fun drawing exercises and expert instruction.
CRN: 91270

Ukulele: Strumming, Picking & More Register
Ukulele, “the gift that came here.” Learn the essential techniques including chords, strumming patterns, finger picking and much, much more! Participants will begin playing songs right away. It is not necessary to own a Ukulele, but it is useful for practice outside the class.
CRN: 91271

Period 2 (11:15 am – 12:15 pm)

Acrylic & Oil Painting Register
Come enjoy experimenting and creating! Acrylic and Oil painting are compared and contrasted in this informative, project based course.  Beginners and experts alike will be challenged with painting exercises and expert instruction.
CRN: 91272

Happy Days:  Exploring the Fifties Register
From the Volkswagen invasion to the day the music died, we’ll delve into the innocent and carefree era of the 1950’s. We’ll explore the move to the suburbs, the coming of the television age, the war that wasn't, the birth of rock and roll, the heart of the Eisenhower years, hula hoops, moon hubcaps, poodle skirts, penny loafers, drive in movies, fallout shelters and the time Elvis came to my hometown. We might not have been singing Happy Days are Here Again……but we were sure living them!
CRN: 91273

Tai Chi:  Mindfulness in Motion Register
In this course, the focus will be on perfecting the techniques for 24 posture sequences, proper breathing, and flow of movement. Tai Chi has gained recognition as low-impact exercise which promotes improved circulation, flexibility, strength, and balance. The Harvard Health blog sourced a study that shows individuals who practiced Tai Chi 1-3 times a week reduced their rate of falls by 45 percent. Fee $30
CRN: 91274

Yoga:  Poses & Sequences Register
“The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” –Swami Kripalu. In this course, students will learn to become one with Hatha Yoga poses and asanas using breath and meditation to achieve muscular strength, endurance, and relaxation. No matter what your physical condition is, age, or abilities, yoga makes you better. Wear stretchable or loose-fitting clothing and bring a large towel or mat. Namaste.
CRN: 91275