Gulf Franklin Center - Modular Smart Station Instructions

Gulf Franklin Center - Modular Smart Station Instructions

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Updated: 2/3/2022

  • To start using the Smart Board (86” display) please press the “Power” button on the display to turn it “On”
  • Ensure the computer is powered on. If not, please press the “Power” button on the computer. If you are using the document camera, please make sure that “Document Camera” is turned “On” before you change sources on the HDMI switcher
  • To change selection from the computer to the document camera or vice versa, press the “Source Selection” button on the HDMI Switcher that is located on top of the Smart Station desk. This will allow you to toggle between the different inputs, which will determine what is displayed on the Smart Board
  • Laptop Instructions: If you are using a laptop - make sure that you have HDMI output port on your laptop or adapter (NOT provided) which will work for your laptop, to be able to connect the HDMI cable (Provided on the desk). Once connected, use the “Source Selection” button to toggle between sources (Computer, Document Camera, and Laptop) to display on Smart Board
  • When finished using class room please “Power Off” the Smart Board and document camera if used.

HDMI Switcher Diagram

Smart Station Classroom Modular

“Source Selection” Button Located Here (Front of Switcher)

If you need any assistance, please contact Tech Support at ext. 3303