New Student Orientation

Launch! New Student Orientation

All First Time in College students are required to complete Launch (new student orientation) before registering for classes.

Launch Online 

Launch Online  is available for students who cannot attend the On-Site Launch Sessions. To access Launch Online, click the "Launch" button below. When the Launch opens, simply enter your first name, your last name and your student identification number (AXXXXXXXX) and click ENTER. Launch takes about 45 minutes in total to complete; however, you don't have to complete it all in one sitting. Login and it will remember where you left off! You also can login to Launch after you complete it to review any information any time!

Orientation Holds are lifted manually. This is not an automated process.

Please allow at least 48 hours for the hold to be lifted so you can begin registration.


Mission Statement

Recognizing the important role that students play at Gulf Coast State College, Launch will endeavor to provide to all First Time in College students a welcoming first impression and successful transition to Gulf Coast State College (GCSC).

By participating in Launch, the student will:

  • Learn about the many educational and social opportunities available
  • Discover student services and campus resources
  • Learn how to access GCSC policies and procedures