Elite Panaboard Software: Getting Started

Elite Panaboard Software: Getting Started

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Updated: 5/6/2020

  • After you turn the panel on, remove the white pen from the inside of the instructor desk.
  • The pen is plugged in and charging, please make sure to plug it BACK in after you are finished with your class.
  • NOTE: the pen will only work in the room it has been assigned, you can not use one pen for multiple rooms.

LED Color Indication ButtonTurning on the pen

  • To turn on the pen: Flip the Power Switch, then press and hold the second gray button.
  • The LED Color Indication Button will then turn white and the light under the Power Switch will turn green.

Using the Pen

  • Now your pen is ready to use with the Panaboardsoftware.
  • Double click the Panaboardicon on the desktop, you will see the two tabs on both sides of the screen appear, this is your menu.
  • The pen will start out in mouse mode, please select another option from the menu to have more functions.
  • You can also do the same controls using the mouse on the computer!

Turning Program Off

  • To turn the program off: Close out what you have been annotating on then click on the bottom toolbar Panaboardicon, click exit.
  • On the pen, turn the Power Switch off and plug it back under the desk.
  • For further questions, please refer to the help folder on every classroom desktop. You can also contact the Help Desk at 3303.