The Seminole-Commodore Alliance (SCA)

The Seminole-Commodore Alliance (SCA)

The Seminole-Commodore Alliance (SCA) is a collaboration between Gulf Coast State College and FSU Panama City that provides opportunities to enhance student engagement at both campuses.  We are across from each other on Collegiate Drive and feel the students from our campuses will benefit from each others array of activities and services to create a total campus experience!

We are continuously developing student programming initiatives and services for all enrolled students at GCSC and at FSU PC in many areas to include student clubs and organizations, community service, intramural and club sports, student leadership events, student government, cultural events, student travel, fitness, and more. 

Check out the links provided to review activities and services offered of the Seminole-Commodore Alliance.

Student Activities Board Alliance (SAba)

The Seminole-Commodore Alliance (SCA) brought about the Student Activities Board Alliance (SABA).  SABA fosters student unity by providing a number of student activities for the students at FSU-PC & GCSC.  By hosting these activities, the Student Activities Board strives to bring students together from both campuses to enhance student involvement and create a collaborative campus atmosphere that addresses student needs outside of the classroom.  In addition, student members seek to provide opportunities for campus collaborations between existing campus organizations at FSU-PC & GCSC, as well as provide opportunities to create new joining organizations and activities.  

The purpose of SABA will be to provide diverse events and programming that engage students in the campus experience.  SABA strives to enrich this co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences through leadership and involvement on the SABA and in the production of events.

The Total College Experience Student Activities Board Alliance has 4 core values:

  1. Teamwork: To create a network of members that is tied together by communication, friendship, and cooperation that works towards building lasting ties within the FSU-PC and GCSC community.
  2. Enrichment: To not only provide entertainment but to use our events as a medium through which to enlighten and educate.
  3. Stewardship: To efficiently and effectively manage all financial affairs, promote inclusion, preserve integrity, and be accountable to the combined student bodies of each institution.
  4. Diversity: T serve various groups of different lifestyles, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds through an array of events focused on entertaining,education, and uniting the diverse populations that we serve.


Meeting Agendas

Feb. 3, 2022 SABA Meeting Agenda

Feb. 17, 2022 SABA Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Feb. 3, 2022 SABA Meeting Minutes

Feb. 17, 2022 SABA Meeting Minutes

  • Caring By Sharing Event
  • 2019 Club Rush

If you are interested in becoming a part of the SABA, there are some available positions for GCSC.  Please submit an application utilizing the link below.

SABA Member Application

If you are a club wishing to apply for funding, below is a PDF form that will need to be completed, printed, and submitted to Donna Peterson (office is located in Student Union East).

SCA Organization/Club Budget Request Form