Citations are issued by the FSU Police for violations of the Gulf Coast State College Traffic and Parking Regulations. When a vehicle is in violation, a citation is placed on the windshield and a copy is delivered to Business Affairs and made a matter of record.

If you fail to honor a citation, you will not be permitted to register, graduate or have a transcript processed until the fine is paid.


The following circumstances are cause for the issuance of a citation:

  1. Operating or parking a vehicle on any GCSC Campus without a valid parking decal or permit properly displayed.
  2. Parking a vehicle on the grass, sidewalks, driveways or any area not clearly defined by painted lines as a parking area.
  3. Parking in a Handicap parking space without displaying a Temporary Disability/Handicap Placard issued by the DMV.  
  4. Parking in a reserved area without proper authorization.
  5. Stopping or parking in a manner that blocks or interrupts normal traffic flow.
  6. Operating a vehicle sound system at an excessive volume. Radios or stereos audible at 100 feet are considered excessive. 


Citations may be appealed for mitigating circumstances. If you wish to appeal an issued citation you should complete the appeal form located on the GCSC Student Traffic Court webpage. 

Gulf Coast State College's Traffic Court is conducted through the Student Government Association, the central governing student group on campus. Student Traffic Court consists of five students and one alternate and is conducted on specified Mondays. All students filing an appeal are required to appear before the Court on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are only enrolled in evening classes, online classes or attend a site other than the Panama City Campus you may request that your appeal be considered without your attendance. 

When an appeal is denied by the Traffic Court, the fine must be paid. It is recommended that the traffic citation be paid immediately even if an appeal is filed. If an appeal is won, then the fine will be reimbursed. Failure to pay the $25 fine in the initial 30 day window will result in the fine doubling to $50.

When an appeal is approved by the Traffic Court, the Dean of Student Life will notify the FSU Police and the Business Office, and the citation will be voided and withdrawn from your record. 

Parking citation appeals must be filed within 10 business days of the issue date. Failure to submit the appeal within 10 days of issue will result in an automatic denial of the appeal - and the ticket must be paid. 

If a student wishes to work off a citation instead of paying the fine he/she may opt to complete three hours of community service in the Student Government Association office. This must be approved in advance by Donna Peterson, Student Activities Specialist.