Student Traffic Court

Student traffic Court

If you feels that you have received a citation in error, you may request to attend Student Traffic Court. It is recommended that the traffic citation still be paid immediately even if an appeal is filed. If an appeal is won, the fine will be reimbursed. Failure to pay the $25 fine in the initial 30 day window will result in the fine doubling to $50.

What is Student Traffic Court?

Student Traffic Court is made up of an odd number of members of the Student Government Association, the student governing body on Campus. They will hear (or read) the case of the student requesting the appeal and make a fair judgment based on the evidence provided. After filing an appeal you will have a judgment within five business days of when Student Traffic Court convenes. The Court will meet as needed a maximum of two times per month. 

Request to attend Student Traffic Court

Fill in the information below and click submit. You will see a confirmation page once the form has been submitted.

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 **Student Traffic Court does not meet during the summer semester, it will reconvene in September and your appeal will be discussed at the first traffic court session. If you receive a violation during this time, you should pay your fine. If brought before the court and your violation is repealed, a refund will be issued. If you are a non-student who paid a citation, your refund will be mailed to the address provided on the appeal form.