Physical Therapist Assistant Program Curriculum

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Curriculum

Physical Therapist AssistantAll PHT courses in the degree map are only offered once a year as listed by semester.  General education courses may be completed before or during the program, but must be completed before Fall II semester, when clinical rotations begin.


Freshman Year
FALL I (18 credits) SPRING I (18 credits)
BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology I, 3 credits BSC 2086 Anatomy and Physiology II, 3 credits
BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab, 1 credit BSC 2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Lab, 1 credit
College Level Math  (MAC, MGF, or STA prefix), 3 credits PHT 1124 Functional Human Motion, 2 credits
HSC 1531  Medical Terminology, 2 credits PHT 1124L Functional Human Motion Lab, 2 credits
PHT 1000 Introduction to Physical Therapy, 2 credits PHT 1220  Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise, 3 credits
PHT 1102 Applied Anatomy for PTAs, 2 credits PHT 1220L Therapeutic exercise Lab, 2 credits
PHT 1102L Applied Anatomy Lab for PTAs, 1 credit PHT 1131 Assessment, Measurement, and Documentation, 1 credit
PHT 1200 Basic Skills in Patient Care, 2 credits PHT 1131L Assessment, Measurement, and Documentation Lab, 2 credits
PHT 1200L Basic Skills in Patient Care Lab, 2 credits

POS 2041 American National Government, 3 credits

- OR -

AMH 2020 US History II, 3 credits

*Must also pass a civic literacy examination.

SUMMER (16 credits)  
ENC 1101 English Composition, 3 credits  
PSY 2012 General Psychology, 3 credits  
PHT 2224 Therapeutic Interventions I: Medical/Surgical Disabilities, 2 credits  
PHT 2224L Therapeutic Interventions I Lab, 1 credit  
Humanities Elective (Level I, II, or III), 3 credits  
PHT 2211 Therapeutic Modalities, 2 credits  
PHT 2211L Therapeutic Modalities Lab, 2 credits  
Sophomore Year
FALL II (12 credits) SPRING II (10 credits)
PHT 2225 Therapeutic Interventions II: Orthopedic Disabilities, 3 credits PHT 2810 PTA Clinical Practice II, 4 credits
PHT 2225L Therapeutic Interventions II Lab, 2 credits PHT 2820 PTA Clinical Practice III, 4 credits
PHT 2226, Therapeutic Interventions III: Neurological Disabilities, 3 credits PHT 2931 Seminar II, 2 credits
PHT 2226L Therapeutic Interventions III Lab, 2 credits Note: This last semester is only 10 credits, but clinical practice requires 40 hours/week for 14 weeks.
PHT 2801, PTA Clinical practice I, 2 credits