Perioperative Registered Nurse in the Scrub Role

Perioperative Registered Nurse in the Scrub Role

Scrubing inPerioperative Nurses can gain further experience in the scrub role as a member of the sterile team.  The scrub role requires organization skills, a keen knowledge of instrumentation and surgical procedures in order to anticipate what the surgeon needs next.

To be effective, you must know what is routinely needed or what might be needed for that  extreme unusual or emergency situation.  Problem solving is ongoing during the surgical case to prevent problems and delays; at the very least, delays must be limited as much as humanly possible under the circumstances of the case. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation with the length of the case and  the occurrence of possible post-operative complications.

Excitement is contagious in the scrub role.  No two cases are alike.  Each case is unique due to the patient's own circumstances, the surgeon's technique, or new advances.  As each case unfolds, the scrub responds with one speed. The goal is to always move as quickly and effectively as possible conserving time, motion, energy, and resources.  The scrub nurse is the "rudder" of the operating room ensuring that everything is in its place and ready when needed. 

For more information on a Scrub Role Class for the Perioperative Nurse, call Libby McNaron at (850) 873-3551.  A 1-credit, one semester class can be taken (open entry/open exit) STS2943C for 80 Hours can provide experience in surgical scrubbing.