MGF1106 Course Videos

MGF1106 Course Videos

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Course Description
Section 1.1 Introduction to Sets
Section 1.2 Subsets

Section 1.3

Set Operations and Venn Diagrams

Section 1.4

De Morgan's Law and Set Equality

Section 1.5

Survey Problems

Section 2.1

Intro to Basic Logic

Section 2.2

Conjunctions, Disjunction, and Truth Tables
Section 2.3 Logical Equivalence and De Morgan's Law for Logic
Section 2.4 Conditional Statements
Section 2.5 Using Truth Tables to Analyze Arguments
Section 2.6 Arguments and Euler Diagrams
Section 3.1 Basic Concepts of Points, Lines, and Angles
Section 3.2 Curves and an Introduction to polygons
Section 3.3 Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Circles
Section 3.4 Perimeters and Areas
Section 3.5 Similarity and the Pythagorean Theorem
Section 3.6 Volume and Surface Area
Section 4.1 Organized Counting
Section 4.2 The Fundamental Counting Principle
Section 4.3 Permutations
Section 4.4 Combinations
Section 4.5 (no video) Choosing a Counting Method
Section 5.1 Basic Concepts
Section 5.2 Multiplication and Addition Formulas
Section 5.3 Conditional Probability
Section 5.4 Binomial Probability
Section 5.5 Probability Distribution Tables
Section 5.6 Odds-In Favor and Against
Section 5.7 Expected Value
Section 6.1 Frequency Distributions and Graphs
Section 6.2 Measures of Central Tendency
Section 6.3 Measures of Location and Dispersion
Section 6.4 Standard Normal Distribution
Section 6.5 Applications of Normal Distributions