Military Park


The Military Park at Gulf Coast State College is a place for remembrance, honor and reflection. It provides a constant reminder of those who have served and are currently serving our country at home and abroad.  A visual symbol of our patriotism and freedom, it represents the strong bonds between this community, the military and the College.  

We must never forget and always acknowledge the hardship, sacrifice and loss that our military families endure on our behalf and honor them for their service to our country.  The GCSC Military Park is an on-going project and inscriptions are installed annually in the park. We invite you to become a sponsor of the GCSC Military Park which honors all branches of the Armed Forces: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and the Coast Guard, and all of those who serve within those branches in the Reserves, National Guard and Merchant Marines. Please consider being a part of this historic project. Your support will help us better serve our veterans and members of the armed services in their educational pursuits for years to come.