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TEMPEST is a Triumph Gulf Coast supported project to provide unmanned vehicle systems (land, air, and sea) and other high-tech equipment to be used for recovery efforts after man-made or natural disasters.

The goal of the grant, termed "TEMPEST", is to provide training to facilitate the operation of these technologies.

Interested community agencies specializing in emergency services, as well as interested students, businesses, and individuals, are invited to partner with Gulf Coast TEMPEST to be trained on these technologies to allow for proper usage.

The Benefits of Tempest

Partnering agencies can expect the following from Gulf Coast TEMPEST:

  • Access to available TEMPEST equipment for either training or emergency situations.
  • Unmanned systems training and support from TEMPEST team to partnered agencies and local community affiliates.
  • Disaster response training and certification for residents, business owners and volunteers within the community.


The mission of the TEMPEST program is to provide support for Emergency Responders and Emergency Geospatial Response Teams, and to fill the technological gap in disproportionately affected counties before, during, and after a natural or manufactured disaster.

The mission encourages the effective use of unmanned systems by emergency responders and emergency management agencies by promoting, training, deploying, documenting, analyzing, and generating actionable intelligence.

TEMPEST's mission is unique and demands the highest quality output when performing tactics, techniques, and procedures while operating advanced vehicles and unmanned systems equipment. TEMPEST members must meet the training standards and maintain proficiency, certification, and recertification standards outlined by the governing agency.


  • Sentaero V2BVLOS

    Sentaero V2BVLOS - Mid-to-Long Range UAV

  • SkyDio X2E Color/Thermal

    SkyDio X2E Color/Thermal - (Pairs Breakthrough Flight Autonomy With a Ruggedized and Portable Airframe)

  • 4125I: Ultra-High Resolution LTWTP

    4125I: Ultra-High Resolution LTWTP - Tethered Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

  • Guardian S

    Guardian S - Remote Visual Inspection Robot

  • E.M.I.L.Y

    E.M.I.L.Y - Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard

  • F-470 Mil-SPEC Zodiac with 40HP Motor

    F-470 Mil-SPEC Zodiac with 40HP Motor - 15' 5" Inflatable Boat

  • Mobile Command Center

    Mobile Command Center - (2 x C-25 F-550 Trucks)

  • Mobile Command Center

    Mobile Command Center - (1 x C-32 LMTV Modified)

Contact the Gulf Coast State College TEMPEST Team

Amy Hayes
Administrative Assistant
850.769.1551 ext. 4018

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