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diagnostic medical Sonography
Program Curriculum

Required Program Pre-Requisites

The following courses must be completed by September 15 of each year to meet the program application requirement:

+* ENC1101, English I
* PHY1020 or Approved Physics course
•+*BSC2085 Anatomy and Physiology I
+*BSC2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab

Other Program Degree Requirements:

The following courses may be completed during the program:

Humanities (from Area 1, 2, or 3)
MAC1105 College Algebra or STA2023 Statistics or MGF1106 Math for Liberal Arts or Higher
BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology II
BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
POS2041 American National Government or AMH2020 United States History II (and demonstrate Civic Literacy Competency)
Spring - 1st year Spring 2nd - year
SON 1000, Introduction to Sonography 2 crs SON 1112, Abdominal Sonography II 3 crs
SON 1211, Medical Sonography Physics 3 crs SON 1122, OB/GYN Sonography II 3 crs
SON 1214, Practical Aspects of Sonography 2crs SON 1824, Clinical Education III 4 crs
SON 2113, Cross-Sectional Anatomy 4 crs SON 2175, Vascular Sonography 3 crs
PSY 2012, General Psychology or SYG 2000, Sociology 3 crs    
Summer - 1st year Summer - 2nd year
SON 1170, Sono Circulatory System 2 crs SON 1144, Superficial Structures 1 cr
SON1804, Clinical Education I 2 crs SON 2834, Clinical Education IV 4 crs
SON 1100, Principles/Protocols Sono Imaging 2 crs SON 2220, Advanced Sonographic Imaging 1 cr
Fall - 1st year Fall - 2nd year
SON 1111, Abdominal Sonography I 3 crs SON 2844, Clinical Education V 4 crs
SON 1121, OB/GYN Sonography I 3 crs SON 1052, Sonography Anatomy & Pathology 4 crs
SON1814, Clinical Education II 3 crs SON 2061, Sonography Review 2 crs
SON 2171, Intro to Vascular Sonography 3 crs Humanities   (Areas 1 or 2) 3 crs
* Minimum grade 75% required
 + Prerequisites required
# Applies only to AS Degree and Certificate programs
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