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Math Problems
Program Snapshot
Academic CredentialAssociate in Arts (AA)
Total Credit Hours60
Average Time to Complete2 yrs.
Academic PathwayScience, Technology, Engineering & Math
AdvisorKeith Owens
Professor, Mathematics
850.769.1551 ext. 5877

Academic Technology SpecialistScott Spencer

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Mathematics, AA

Do You Enjoy Math?

You probably already know there are many areas of study that call for excellent math skills. But have you considered a degree in mathematics? Math is an exciting, diverse and rewarding field with many job opportunities. A four-year degree could lead to employment in academia, government or the insurance industry. Once you've earned a baccalaureate degree or higher in mathematics, you could start a career as a computer specialist, investment actuary, cost estimator, financial engineer, numerical methods programmer/analyst and more.

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Mathematics Course Requirements

ENC1101, English I
ENC1102, English II
Visual and Performing Arts
MAC2311, Calculus I
MAC2312, Calculus II
Physical Science
Biological Science
Behavioral Sciences
Approved Programming Language
MAC2313, Calculus III
MAP2302, Differential Equations
Students must take a science course designed for science majors, with the accompanying lab. Select one of the following with the accompanying lab. •+*PHY2048, University Physics I, 4 crs. (recommended)+PHY2048L, University Physics I Lab, 1 cr. (recommended)•+ BSC2010, Biology for Science Majors I, 3 crs.+ BSC2010L, Biology for Science Majors I Lab, 1 cr.•+*CHM1045, General Chemistry, 3 crs.+ CHM1045L, General Chemistry I Lab, 1 cr. •+*PHY2048 or •+*CHM1045 will simultaneously satisfy the Physical Science General Education requirement.•+ BSC2010 will simultaneously satisfy the Biological Science General Education requirement

What can you do with a Mathematics AA Degree?

In this field, people find careers as:

Statistical Assistants
Operations Research Analysts
Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education

Gulf Coast alumni of this program have continued their education at:

University of Florida
Florida State University
University of South Florida
University of Central Florida

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