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GCSC Online offers a combination of online and hybrid classes that give you the freedom to work around job and family obligations. When combined with traditional classes, online and hybrid classes can help you finish your degree or certificate faster so you can begin your career!

For more information about online learning, connect with one of our advisors through the Student Navigation Center.


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face-to-face instruction/web-enhanced

The instructor delivers most of the course instruction in a "face-to-face" setting with some of the course materials/activities (0-29%) being made available online and requiring internet access.


A hybrid (or blended) course provides a blend of online and face-to-face delivery of the course content and instruction. A considerable proportion (30-79%) of the course content is delivered online with a limited number of face-to-face meetings.

online learning

A fully online course in which most or all of the content is delivered online (80-100%) and typically has few or no face-to-face meetings. Fully online courses will sometimes require proctored testing at approved testing sites or centers.



Continuing Education

Gulf Coast State College's Continuing Education offers a variety of online courses. Develop skills and earn certifications at your own pace in an environment of your choice through online classes. Offerings through our online partners provide advanced career training, certification exam preparation, continuing education units as well as personal enrichment. Choose from hundreds of courses and learn from home. Course offerings include career training, certificate programs and recreational learning. Customize your learning environment and schedule while achieving your professional and personal goals.

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  • how students learn online

    your roadmap to success

    Have you ever wondered how online students are able to complete their coursework through distance learning? Gulf Coast State College uses the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), which makes it simple and convenient for anyone to learn, no matter their level of technical ability. Online courses give students, who cannot always attend class at a specific time and location, the flexibility to meet and complete coursework on their own time.

    GCSC provides students with an Online Learning Readiness Assessment, as well as a free "Canvas 101" course, to make sure students are prepared to learn in the online environment. Students who have enrolled in GCSC Online courses will participate in online discussion forums, take online assessments, and collaborate with both the instructor and their peers within the Canvas learning environment.

    Learning Online 

  • getting started
    step 1: my student Dashboard

    When your myGCSC student portal was created upon acceptance to Gulf Coast State College, a link to My Student Dashboard was automatically created for you. This is where you will go to register for your classes, check your financial aid status, view your grades, and more.

    Learn more about My Student Dashboard

    step 2: Canvas

    If you are taking online classes, you will need to login through your myGCSC portal to access Canvas. Canvas is where you will review online course lessons, interact with your professor and classmates, submit assignments, take exams, and more.

    New to Canvas? This mini-orientation course will help you become more familiar with Canvas, GCSC's primary learning management system. This course is available anytime, so you can see what your online learning environment will look like and learn how to use the tools and features in your own time.

    Get Started

    step 3: zoom

    Ready to ZOOM into your classes at GCSC? Here are some helpful resources to help you prepare for your next Zoom meeting.

  • library services

    All students and employees of Gulf Coast State College are entitled to library materials and services regardless of location, course, or program delivery method.

    • Assistance is available in person, by phone, and online through a variety of formats including chat, email, text, and Library Guides.
    • You can access library materials in at the Panama City campus, view them online, or request that they be sent to you. Items are mailed to online students who live outside of Bay County and are sent to our extended campuses through the campus courier.
    • For more information, please see the library webpage, call 850-872-3893, or email
  • testing information

    Online classes may require proctored exams which can be taken free of charge at any one of the GCSC Testing Centers or with the use of testing software for online exams. Prior to the semester start date, you may email your instructor(s) to ask about what proctoring options are available for each course. If you choose to take your proctored test(s) at a non-GCSC site, you will be responsible for fees issued by the proctoring institution.

    Students living in Bay County will test in the GCSC Testing Center located on the 1st floor of the Student Union West, Room 80. You must make your  appointment(s) using RegisterBlast at least 72 hours in advance of the day you would like to test. Final exams must be scheduled at least one week prior to your preferred test day.

    Students living in Gulf or Franklin Counties will test at the Gulf/Franklin Center in Port St. Joe. You must contact the Testing Center at least two weeks prior to the first exam date.

    Students requiring a proctor off-site must contact the Testing Center and submit the Off-Campus Proctor Request Form at the beginning of each semester.



    More about Testing
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

    As a student in an Online Learning course, you are obligated to the following responsibilities:

    1. Always adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy for the course. You are asked to make your own guarantee that the integrity of the course is not compromised.
    2. Ensure that your technology meets the minimum requirements for the
      GCSC's Canvas System.
    3. Give yourself ample time to study the course material, complete assignments and take any practice tests made available to you. The practice tests have been designed to help you better prepare for the actual tests.
    4. Take your tests as scheduled. A large window of opportunity to take tests is provided. Begin the test with ample time left. Do not start a test with only 1 or 2 hours before the deadline. Should you happen to get knocked offline or disconnected, there may not be enough time left to complete the test once you are back online.
    5. If you need to withdraw from a course, you must complete a formal withdrawal form and submit to Enrollment Services before the published deadline. Once the form is submitted, contact your instructor to advise him/her of your withdrawal request.


  • what if the course i need is not available?

    Florida college students have the option to apply to another Florida college or university, as a transient student, to take courses that will count toward their GCSC degree. If you are currently enrolled at Gulf Coast State College, you must go through the FloridaShines transient student process. If you are not a GCSC student, contact your home institution for more information about the transient student process.

    To begin the application process through FloridaShines be sure to have this information available:

    • Student identification and PIN/password
    • Social Security Number (If you don't have a Social Security Number, please enter nine zeros)
    • Term and year when you want to take the course
    • Course information, including prefix number, title and credit hours (If you used the online course catalog to find and apply for a course, this information will be pre-populated in the application)

    Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email notification from the transient institution that may include special information about next steps, including information about an admissions application fee, if any.

    After both institutions approve your transient application, you will need to log into GCSC Lighthouse using your GCSC student ID (A00....) to confirm course registration and payment.  

    If you application is denied, please contact the person who denied the application for more information. Contact information is included in the email you receive.

    You can track your application process via  You should also receive updates on the status of your application via email.

    For additional assistance, contact

    FloridaShines Transient Student Admission Application


can't find the online course you need?

As a Florida college student, you can enroll in a course at another Florida college or university while remaining a GCSC student. This is a great option if you need to take courses that are not offered at GCSC when you need them. Please consult with your GCSC Pathway Navigator before you submit the Online Transient Student Application.



NC SARA Approved Institution



Gulf Coast State College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.



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