Wall Control Instructions

Wall Control Instructions

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Updated 4/10/2020

  • Select Projector On button
    • Ready light will turn green when projector is fully powered up
  • Select the Source you wish to project
    • VCR
    • DVD
    • Computer
    • Document Camera
  • Allow 8-10 seconds for projector to switch between sources
  • Adjust Volume for video, DVD, and computer
  • When finished with equipment press and hold Projector Off button
    Control Panel

Document Camera Instructions

  • The Document Camera can be used to project both transparent and opaque images
  • Turn Document Camera On
  • Select Brightness  to lighten picture
  • Use Lighting to toggle between settings
  • Use Focus or Auto Focus to adjust image
  • Use Zoom in/Zoom out buttons to enlarge/shrink images
  • Rotate image by turning top of camera
  • Use Remote to change image form portrait to landscape

Document Camera