Emergency Notification


In the event of an emergency that could affect any GCSC campus, emergency notification alerts will be sent as soon as possible with information on the type of emergency and suggested safety steps to be taken. In some rare occasions, the notification may be delayed if the notification would increase the risk of harm to students, visitors, faculty and staff.

Currently, GCSC is using a series of different notification methods to deliver emergency information. Please review the available methods to ensure your safety.

Campus TV Monitors - TV monitors located throughout GCSC will display any warnings that you should be aware of and brief message containing any necessary instructions.

Text Alerts - If there’s an emergency on campus, we’ll text you. Sign up for our emergency alert system to receive safety advisories, including campus closure notices. If your contact information changes, remember to update your information so you will always be informed of what's happening on campus.

Email Notifications - Much like the text alerts, you will receive a notification via the email address you have registered with GCSC. All students and faculty are given GCSC email addresses and are encouraged to check it frequently. If you have any issues accessing your GCSC email, please contact the Help Desk at 850-769-1551 ext. 3303.

Classroom/Building PA System - All of the phones in the classrooms and offices across the campus will broadcast through the phone's external speaker system. If the phone is in use, it will place the current call on hold to deliver the notification.

Outside Loudspeaker - Our large outdoor speakers will sound the emergency notification and any safety instructions to all students, visitors, staff and faculty that are outside the buildings where the campus TV monitors cannot be seen or classroom PA system and cannot be heard.

WKGC 90.7 FM Radio Station - GCSC also utilizes our radio station to deliver emergency messages and post-incident updates to the community as the situation progresses.