Certified Workplace Professional

certified workplace professional

GCSC Continuing Education is offering a certification class for the Certified Workplace Professional through a partnership with the National Council for Continuing Education & Training (NCCET) and Growth Development Associates (GDA). The certification class will provide you and your organization the skills and certification needed in today’s workforce.

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Essentials of Workplace Communication teaches skills and techniques to build trust, communicate more effectively, resolve conflict and collaborate successfully.

Success in every job and every career requires effective communications with others in the workplace. Technical skills, job skills, expertise, and college degrees are not enough.  Workplace success requires communicating ideas, gaining support, addressing change, challenging old processes, and building consensus.  Essentials of Workplace Communications addresses the skills and provides real-world practice to gain expertise and confidence with interactions on the job in any environment.   The course builds and integrates all six skills necessary for effective workplace communication.  Students will increase knowledge to establish a connection, increase engagement, understand perspective, propose solutions, resolve issues, and gain agreement.   Students with practical skills in workplace communication will have a definitive advantage in getting hired and being successful in their careers. Upon completion of this course and passing of the final exam, participants will receive a national certification as a Certified Workplace Professional (CWP) through the National Council of Continuing Education and Training.


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