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Healthcare Continuing Education

Why choose Gulf Coast State College for Healthcare CE?

Gulf Coast State College is an approved provider (50-833) of continuing education for multiple professions in the State of Florida. The program offers mandated courses for the initial license and relicensing. Additional courses are offered to meet needs within the scope of practice for specific disciplines. Numerous agencies utilize the College for in-service training requiring CEU’s for licensed professionals. Participants receive a certificate of attendance and CE Broker reporting is done after successful completion of the training.

 How do I register for a CEU course?

Simply click on the course title, choose the most convenient date, and register for your training.


Dental Hygienist (DH)
Dentist (DN)
EMT & Paramedic (EMS)
Nursing Home Administrator  (NHA)

FL Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control
Provider # 3200457 (RAD)

clinical education methodologies ONLINE | 2-hrs

If you have an interest in helping our future healthcare providers during clinical rotations, this course is for you! At the conclusion of this training, the participant will be able to summarize the value of clinical instruction during a student's clinical rotation; discuss opportunities, challenges for student learning, and identify best practices to use during clinical instruction. Although course is delivered online, the participant will have the opportunity to communicate with instructor and a discussion board will be available to collaborate with other students.

Approved (2) DH, DN, PT, RC, RN                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Enroll and complete this online course anytime.
Fee: $29



Approved (2) DN, DH, NU, OT, PS, PT
Enroll and complete this online course anytime.
Fee: $24 



This EMT psychomotor testing will meet the requirements set forth by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) in order to gain certification at this level. This testing is strictly the psychomotor (hands-on) skill testing and does not include the written test. Those wishing to participate in this testing must have completed an approved EMT course prior to testing. Candidates who successfully complete the psychomotor test will receive validation of their successful completion through NREMT.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of an approved EMT program and a valid BLS provider card. Provide a copy of these documents before the date of the skills test.

Wed., Aug. 4 l 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
GCSC North Bay Campus Abbott Building 128
Fee: $75


EMT REFRESHER online | 32-hrs

The EMT Refresher online course fulfills the mandatory 32-hour refresher component and meets the requirements for EMT’s set forth by the State of Florida. Students enrolled in this class will receive updated training on all necessary emergency medical care skills including adult and pediatric education with a minimum of two hours in pediatric emergencies. Every two years, EMT’s must provide the certifying authority with proof of 32-hour approved refresher course with 2-hour pediatrics. This course is offered as an open entry, open exit format providing a flexible schedule for all EMT’s. Approved (32) EMT

Enroll and complete this online course anytime.
Fee: $89 



Approved (1) CL, DN, DH, NU, OT, PS, PT, RC
Enroll and complete this online course anytime.
Fee: $12 



Approved (2) DN, DH, NU, OT, PS, PT, RC
Enroll and complete this online course anytime .
Fee: $24 



Approved (1) CL, DN, DH, NU, OT, PS, PT, RC
Enroll and complete this online course anytime.
Fee: $12 


IV THERAPY | blended learning i 30-hrs

This course meets standards established by the FL Board of Nursing for LPN’s to administer IV Therapy. Participate in 6-hour lab (see schedule below) after successful completion of the 24-hour online training. Topics include infusion therapy using peripheral veins and central venous access, infusion of fluids and medications, blood product transfusions, antineoplastic and biologic therapies, parenteral nutrition, and infusion therapy in pediatric and older adults. Prerequisite: PN or RN graduate. Textbook required (ISBN-13: 978-1496355010) 30 hours | NU (LPN post-graduate level course, RN general).

Online DateS & Lab Date

Online date range: June 7 - July 15
Lab date: Sat., July 17 l 8:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M. 
Lab location: Student Union East (SUE) 244
Fee: $275

Online date range: July 19 - August 21
Lab date: Sat., July 17 l 8:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M. 
Lab location: Student Union East (SUE) 244
Fee: $275



Common oral local anesthesia injection techniques and related background information are addressed in this course. This course also covers neurophysiology, armamentarium, basic injection techniques, complications, contraindications, and legal considerations of administering local anesthetics to dental patients. A dentist contributes to both course content and delivery. This course is designed explicitly for Dental Hygienists to obtain certification to administer local anesthesia in the State of Florida. Satisfies Florida Statute 466.017 (SB 1040). For additional information, including prerequisites and registration packet, email or call (850) 872-3819. (60 hours includes 15 hours online, 15 hours didactic, 15 hours lab and 15 hours clinical externship) Approved for DH. When scheduling course, ask about prerequisites.

Required Prerequisites at this link:
Local Anesthesia Prerequisites

Fri. & Sat., June 25, 26, and July 9, 10 l 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Health Sciences Room 142
Fee: $995

Fri. & Sat., Aug. 6, 7 and Aug. 20, 21 l 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Health Sciences Room 142
Fee: $995


PHLEBOTOMY 101 i 6-hrs

The students in this class will learn, through theory, and hands-on skills practice with instruction, the introductory concepts of phlebotomy by learning skills and techniques required for safe collection, transportation, handling, and processing of blood specimens for analysis.  This includes applying proper personal protective equipment and using an aseptic technique (to optimize infection control) for the collection of specimens.  They will learn to draw blood with both the butterfly and vacutainer collection systems, as well as proper tube selection/order, and safe biohazard disposal.  Students will demonstrate professional conduct, stress management, interpersonal communication skills with patients, peers, and other members of the healthcare team while maintaining HIPAA laws/regulations.  This program is designed for learners who want to advance their career or are interested in starting a career in the medical field. Approved for CNA (6), PN (6), RN (2)

Sat., Sept. 18 l  8:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Student Union East Room 244
Fee: $75



Approved (2) CL, DN, DH, NU, OT, PS, PT, RC
Enroll and complete this course anytime.
Fee: $24



Sherrie Lock, Program Coordinator
(850) 872-3819