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NEW Prepper’s Boot Camp Series! As Floridians, we know all too well the importance of being prepared. This series consists of a total of 9 classes, including Exploring Water Filtration Systems, Food Procurement Skills and much more!

Solar Generator Basics 

This course explores alternative energy systems, specifically portable solar-powered generators. As a participant, your instructor will guide you through each step of designing and fabricating a portable solar-powered generator capable of providing power for critical medical devices, small refrigeration appliances, light sources, laptop or charging cell phones. The generator is perfect for preparedness kits, hurricane kits, camping gear and RV’s.

Introduction to ham radio 

Ever wondered what Amateur Radio is? Amateur radio, also known as “HAM radio,” is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that is all about the skill and fascination of communicating using a radio. It allows users to communicate with other amateurs from all around the world and experiment with all aspects of radio. This course will introduce you to Amateur Radio and its many uses. Participants will become familiar with the FCC rules and regulations as they apply to Amateur Radio Operations. Learn the procedures and protocol applicable to different modes used to communicate with fellow (HAM) radio operators.

3 day prepper's pack 

Step 1:  Prepare a 3 day Preppers Pack. This course will examine the essentials needed to survive for 3 days. The course will include various scenarios where a Preppers Pack would be necessary, as well as, essential considerations such as the weight of the pack.  As a participant, your instructor will take you through each step in creating a Prepper's Pack from choosing the right bag, to what items should be included. Tips on how to find the most cost effective gear will also be discussed.

ham radio technician license  

During emergencies when other communication methods may fail, Amateur Radio communication is still viable. This course introduces the student to the many facets of the Amateur Radio (also known as HAM Radio) hobby. The entry-level license is the Technician License and grants access to the Amateur radio frequencies used to communicate locally. The class will review the question and answer pool that makes up the Technician License test and will prepare the student to take the Technician test at the end of the class. Morse Code is no longer a requirement for the Technician License.

Course tuition includes exam fee. 2018-2022 Technician Class textbook required and available online using ISBN-10: 0945053908 or ISBN-13: 978-0945053903

land Navigation, map reading & orienteering

This course emphasizes the skills you need to navigate with a map and compass. Students will first learn to use the compass by itself, then learn to identify terrain features on the map. Finally students will learn how to put the two skills together and navigate an orienteering course in the wilderness. In addition, students will learn alternative techniques for wayfinding and navigation as well as using a GPS for navigation. Participants must provide their own clothing appropriate for the weather, food, and water.  We will provide compasses, maps, other tools.

Water Filtration System & Food procurement skills

Adequate hydration is vital for survival. A 10% loss of body fluids can cause dizziness, headache, inability to walk and a tingling sensation in the limbs; a loss of more than 15% body fluids could result in death.  Impure water is one of the worst hazards in a survival situation.  This course covers the five primary water treatment methods including: boiling, filtering, chemical treatment, solar/UV and distilling.  This course will provide participants with the skills necessary to create natural filters as well as learn basic boiling techniques with no pots or pans.

Another major key particularly to long term survival is managing energy.  As your body converts food into fuel, the importance of replacing those calories is crucial.  The importance of obtaining and preserving food and water is critical for survival.  The course introduces fundamental skills to source, prepare and store food. This is a project-based class and participants will take home what they prepare.

Wilderness First Aid

At its core, wilderness first aid training is intended to preserve life, alleviate suffering, prevent further illness or injury and promote recovery. This course will address the unique challenges and issues specific to becoming ill or injured in a remote location and circumstances in which professional help can be delayed for hours or even days. This course is designed to provide students with the necessary cognitive knowledge to immediately manage medical emergencies in a remote location and initiate and participate in the process of evacuation. Wilderness first aid providers need to be prepared to handle a wide variety of situations including practicing skills with hands-on exercises, and for applying those skills to simulate wilderness emergencies.

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  • Habitat Building
  • Urban Search & Rescue

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