Lighthouse FAQs


Below you'll find questions regarding the LIGHTHOUSE system. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please send it to us at

A. LIGHTHOUSE is a higher education software system. LIGHTHOUSE will be part of all College functions including, human resources, admissions and finance. “Student” LIGHTHOUSE impacts GCSC students most directly and enables students easy access to educational information and registration for classes in a whole new way.

Q. What are some of the advantages of using LIGHTHOUSE?
A. You have direct access to view:

  • Financial Aid status
  • Holds on records
  • End of term grades
  • Transcript requests
  • Degree evaluation
  • Course search
  • Course and grade history

Q. What will I need to do to prepare for LIGHTHOUSE?
A. Take advantage of the opportunities to learn about LIGHTHOUSE before the next term course registration begins. 

Q. Who can help me?
A. The following people are trained to help you with your LIGHTHOUSE questions:

Q. Do I still need to see my academic advisor?
A. Yes, if this is your first time in college (FTIC), you must attend new student orientation and meet with an academic advisor before you can register for courses. All other students are free to register online via LIGHTHOUSE without meeting with an advisor.

Remember, although academic advisors serve a crucial role in helping students select courses, they also provide you with academic support and guidance. The advisors are well-versed in College policies and can assist you if you're considering changing majors and serve as a referral source for personal, social or health-related issues.