Stay on Track

Stay on Track

All degree-seeking students should understand that taking courses that are not part of their stated major may have an adverse effect on their education. Gulf Coast State College is dedicated to assisting students to progress through their chosen educational paths in an effective and efficient manner.

We at Gulf Coast believe that it is in each student's best interest to "Stay on Track" and complete the courses that are prescribed for the intended degree. There are specific programs where taking courses outside of the intended major is penalized.

  1. Financial Aid - Pell Grants are intended to only pay for courses in a student's major or are prerequisites for the program. (College preparatory courses are considered prerequisite courses.)
  2. Veteran's Affairs - VA requirements are similar to those of Pell Grants. Courses that are not in the student's major or are not prerequisites are not covered by VA. (College preparatory courses are considered prerequisite courses.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Program?

If you do not know what major you plan to pursue at the university, now is the time to explore! Check out Florida Shines and explore the Career Planning link on the left side of the page.

How do I know if a course is not in my Program?

Check the GCSC College Catalog for the major you are pursuing. Consult with your academic advisor, run a Degree Audit from the myGCSC (PIN required), or run a Degree Audit from the Florida Shines website.