How to Access Respondus Lockdown Browser

How to Access Respondus Lockdown Browser

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Respondus Lockdown Browser is a high security browser that is enabled in some assessments in your Online Learning course. When an assessment is set to use the Lockdown Browser, you will be required to install and use a special browser on your personal computer. This special browser is available for Windows PC operating systems, Apple MacOS operating systems, and Chrome books running the Chrome operating system.

If you attempt to access a test that requires the Respondus Lockdown Browser, your test will notify you via a message on your screen:

Respondus LockDown Browser Required

If you already have the Lockdown Browser already installed, you can log out of your current Canvas session, open the Respondus Lockdown Browser, sign in, and take your test immediately.

If you do not have the Respondus Lockdown Browser installed, please click the link provided on the message. This will take you to the download page for the Respondus Lockdown Browser. You can also click this link in this document, which will take you directly to the download page.

Respondus Assesment for Learning Systems

This page will automatically detect whether you are using a PC or Mac version, of the software, but there will be a link available on the page if it does not, or if you need the other version. Click the Install Now button and the installation will begin.

When the file downloads, follow the instructions to install the software on your computer.

Run the Lockdown Browser, and sign in using your student ID number (A-Number) and your password. This is the same password you normally use for myGCSC.

MyGCSC Login Screen

Now click the Canvas button and you will automatically be signed into Canvas.

Welcome to myGCSC with Canvas selected

Now you are ready to enter your course and begin your assessment.