Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help you succeed!

The Gulf Coast State College Student Navigation Center is a space for you, as a student, to access a variety of services to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. The center provides academic advising and academic assistance to facilitate the active and collaborative guidance in developing your critical thinking and problem solving skills that are required for your success at the College and beyond. Our mission is to help you acquire the academic and professional skills you will need as college students and graduated professionals.

we've set Goals to ensure that we help students like you!

  • To create a constructive student-centered space for students to become active, independent and self-confident learners.
  • To improve the academic performance of our students.
  • To target and respond to potential warning signs of academic failure, thereby increasing the student’s success in each course and in reaching graduation.
  • To encourage and create opportunities for individual students and student groups seeking assistance with their academic needs.
  • To foster an open and responsive environment that encourages faculty and students to take an active interest and role in student success.
  • To create opportunities for faculty and staff to better serve students by offering a place to refer students based on a variety of needs.
  • To work collaboratively with the campus community in creating successful students and promoting student retention.