Commodore's Cupboard

Commodore's Cupboard

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Friday 8 AM-4 PM 
  • See the SUE Information Desk if someone is not in the cupboard.


  • Student Union East (SUE), Rm 63

Commodore's Cupboard, originally known as "Michael's Pantry," serves GCSC staff and students with free items such as food, school supplies, cleaning supplies, and more.  Commodore's Cupboard continues to be a place of refuge for all GCSC staff and students in need by easing the burden of every day expenses.
Important Information:
  • Commodore's Cupboard is run by Student Assistants employed by the Student Activities Department in Student Affairs.  These students are required to have a minimum of 6 credit hours to work on campus.
  • The Cupboard is utilizing paper forms located at the Information Desk (SUE) and within the Cupboard itself to put together orders for staff and students. 
  • If you are in need and unable to visit the Cupboard during the posted hours, please visit the Information Desk located in Student Union East and ask for Taylor Gilmore.  
  • Limit to "one order" per week.  If you are in need and require more than "one order" please visit the Information Desk located in Student Union East and ask for Taylor Gilmore.

items available:

Canned Vegetables Soups Canned Meat
Baked Beans Chicken Noodle Soup Tuna
Black-eyed Peas Cream of Mushroom Soup Chicken
Carrots Cup-O-Noodles  
Corn Ramen Noodles Vienna Sausage
Green Beans Vegetable Soup


Mixed Vegetables Tomato Soup


Sweet Peas Chili


Beenie Weenies/Pork & Beans  


Black Beans  


Refried Beans  


Fruit Cereal/Oatmeal
Applesauce Assorted Cereal Boxes/Cups
Canned Mixed Fruit Assorted Oatmeal Packets
Diced Peaches Pop-Tarts
Mandarin Oranges Grits
Snacks/Crackers MISC
Crackers School Supplies
Cereal Bars Personal Hygiene Products
Popcorn *Baby & Toddler Care Items
Variety Peanuts *Food Items
Graham Crackers *Dog/Cat Food
Peanut Butter  
GoGo Squeeze Fruit & Veggies  

Variety Crackers

  • Peanut Butter
  • Cream Cheese
  • Cheddar

*please note these items are in limited supply


Nutri-grain Bars


Cookies (assorted)


Jelly (assorted)


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